We provide many distinctive and flexible services for our clients.  Some of our
employee services include:
  • Track allotted annual hours for vacation, holiday, sick, and personal
  • Tracking last raise dates and amounts
  • Ability to get paid in multiple departments with a different rate or amount
  • Management of multiple bank accounts to distribute wages
  • Management of garnished wages
  • Third party deductions from employee wages (health, 401K, IRA, etc.)
Manage multiple profiles
We provide the ability to have multiple profiles for each employee to be used as
a template at the time hours and wages are reported.  Some examples include:

  • A record for salary data
  • A record for 401K data (with employer matching and percentage caps)
  • A record for overtime pay (with a rate/hour calculation)
  • A record for vacation pay, etc.
We calculate employee's taxes each pay period based on marital status, age,
and adhering to tax limits set forth by the current tax year regulations.

Other factors that employees have control over include their number of federal
and state exemptions and whether any or all taxes are deducted for social
security,medicare, federal withholding, state withholding, federal
unemployment (FUTA), state unemployment (SUI), and disability (DBL).
Our entire payroll system is off-line
to ensure the protection of our
clients and their employee's
sensitive data like tax information,
bank accounts, and social security
We know that your time is important,
so we have multiple backup policies
so there is no downtime in case of
system failure.
Employee Services
Employee tax calculation
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